Dr. John Bagonzi is one of the foremost authorities on the subject of pitching in the world. He has made pitching his lifeís work and constantly searches for techniques that will allow pitchers to reach and exceed their potential.  With The Inner Sanctum - Mastering The Act of Pitching, Dr. Bagonzi has penned an exceptional book that will help every pitcher and pitching coach in the game.  The book is extraordinary in its depth on the subjects of the fastball, mechanics, breaking pitches, the mental aspects of the game, developing the pitcher through resistance training, nutrition and drills, along with physics and anatomy of pitching and how to create effective pitches through the science and art of pitching.  Every chapter is dissected into minute detail that will allow readers to grasp concepts to their fullest.  A prime example is the first chapter on fastballs which discusses, among other things:

  • The ball.

  • The key to all great fastballs.

  • Pitching style.

  • Arm slot.

  • Spin direction.

  • Pressure points.

  • Angle of pronation.

  • Wrist and hand tilt.

  • Finger length.

  • Aerodynamic consciousness.

  • Velocity and movement.

  • Compendium of fastballs.

  • Understanding spins.

  • Light vs. heavy ball.

And thatís just chapter one!  In-depth discussions take place in every chapter about the main topics.  In addition, there are 400-plus photos in the book which demonstrate pitching sequences and grips designed to enhance activity on pitches.  A special area of the book includes a glossary of 112 pitch grip photos.  The Inner Sanctum - Mastering The Act of Pitching is unquestionably one of the best pitching books ever written on the subject of pitching.  It will be a work that is referred to by coaches and players from this point forward.

Lou Pavlovich, Jr., Editor, Collegiate Baseball Newspaper

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